Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Comments from Bill Chiles in re; our current ongoing discussion!

This popst is an e-mail from Bill Chiles in reference to the posts I've made and various e-mails and replies this week. Bill gave me permission to post it here.

I just got back from the WMA Albuquerque festival, I received treatment equal to the amount of work I have put in.

Was I the best singer their? Hell yea, I believe LynnAnderson...( yes the Lynn Anderson, performed and jammed and visited allweekend with her) I believe Belinda and Curly and Junie and this years winner Dave Stamey when they say I am, what I also believe is, it is more than talent, it is managing your talent correctly, hard work, yes giving it all up for one dream, their is no being discovered, just damn hard work AND the talent.

Some work smart and hard and have mediocre talent and they end up on top or near, but all the talent in the world cannot end up on top without managing it all, I have received respect for my talent, but none for my business sense, the proof is in the pudding, If I want to be on the A+ list then I have to manage myself to get there. So lets quit whining and looking for a organization to be a talent/booking agency for us. It's family for when we travel far away, it's unconditional caring while we learn and try and fail and win. In the end, no one does it for you, the entertainment business is not set up that way, only the cream goes to the top. You figure it out or the audience will figure it out for you. Am I the best I can be? No way am I a real entertainer, a long way to go.

Bill Chiles

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