Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Message from Kathy Camden

To all who support the AWA... There are fair weather friends and those who run and critize when the chips are down.. My husband was on the board of directors at the time the WMA was in so much trouble..and people didn't run or stop the org.. they got to the heart of the problem and solved it.. That is the Cowboy Way.. Loyalty is at the top of my list, and at the top of most of the Cowboys I know..Donna Hatton is a long time friend and I value many of the friendships I have made over the years... This is not about me making money, or who I know!! But about supporting the Western Movement and moving it to a higher level..I will be working with Bobby . the award show will happen, and the AWA will continue..We will be incorporating Classic Country with the Western..Bobby has a new name for it and will soon get letters out to all who would like to continue with the AWA.. If you are interested please send me your name and address so i can send the and application form.
Take Care
and from the snow in Idaho
Happy Trails
Kathy Camden
609 oak
Nezperce, ID 83543

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Larry Gibson said...

Ok. After all the hoopla of the past few days, I've got to post my overall impressions. Basically, I want to agree with Kathy here.

I don't feel that either of the big southern organizations has done anything in particular for me at this point. I realize that to most of you, the $50 annual dues are just "lunch" but to me it's a good chunk of change. And not to be too selfish here, I still need to see some return of investment in these cases.

However; I know of several performers who can say exactly the opposite. And, if it weren't for either the WMA or the AWA some of you would still be at your Day-jobs like I am.

So, if the AWA was of help to you in the past and they seem to need help today, isn't it almost an obligation that you provide that help? That just seems like the right thing to do as far as I'm concerned.

Now, in my case, I have seen a large outpouring of interest in both these organizations over the past few days. I've posted most of the longer comments and have been asked not to post some. Overall, I see that both the WMA and the AWA hold positions of importance in the lives of many of my friends and acquaintances, making me believe that I may have erred (what a concept!) in so easily disregarding them. That is my explanation for the fact that I, too, plan to throw some effort into helping Kathy and Bobby with the AWA recovery effort.

I Don't expect to be able to go to any of the awards shows or anything as the staggering (to me) cost of those trips is more than I can face. But I can certainly help by providing this forum, website help and that sort of thing whenever possible.

So, use this blog, folks. Either leave comments on existing posts or e-mail me things you'd like to see posted. Hopefully, we can keep interest as high as it has been this week.