Monday, February 05, 2007

Saturday YouTube videos available

Howdy All:

Well, I didn't get far yesterday. Billy Rose, Jamie Parker-Frank, Toni McGuire and I all sat around Billy's house and talked over the weekends events until after 5PM. I then got started on the road but was so tired that I gave up at Wells, a whopping 50 miles down the road!

Now, after a good nights sleep I'm ready for the rest of my trip.

Anyway, I have two videos of the Reddington family here for you. The first is of the whole family doing a song which features each in turn.

The Reddington family from Cove, Oregon

and the next is a video of Landen and his mother, Jennifer, playing El Cumbanchero. This video is better than the one taken at the Dos Amigos restaraunt as there isn't any crowd noise to interfere.

Landen and Jennifer Reddington

Once I get back home I will sit down and organize a comprehensive report of my trip to Elko this year. I learned a lot and I'm eager to share it with the world.

Anyway, I'm out of here and back on the road. 4 hours to Wayne Nelson's house!

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Anonymous said...

Have been reading your comments about the Elko gathering with interest and envy. seems like you had a ball while there. Makes me want to go over there next year just to observe all the fun and festivities. By the way, how is Wayne Nelson doing by now?