Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just another "Montana Day"

Happy Valentines Day y'all.

Take a look at this picture, see a little news about New York and Chicago's record snowfalls and the freezing of oranges in Florida and California; then take a deep breath and warn me again about Global Warming!

We've had a very cold winter but not much snow until this week. Even this isn't what we used to get. Actually, what we are seeing back East is what I used to see in West Yellowstone all the time when I was a kid. but our temperatures don't seem to be any better. We've had an awful lot of sub-zero this winter.

Otherwise, not much going on in the Western Music World apparently, as no one has sent me anything new to post. I've had some good comments about my website article at but no one seems to have anything in particular to add.

Billy Rose, Doc Quam and Jamie Parker-Frank had a good time in Wyoming last week, doing a show at a Holiday Inn as well as several house concerts. I wish I could have joined them but duty called me here. Many computers needed my personal attention!

Well, enough for now. Give thanks if you are warm, dry and fed. Many aren't.

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