Friday, February 02, 2007

Wednesday begins the weekend!

Ok. first, Wednesday afternoon and evening were busy! After getting here and getting settled in, we headed for the bar at the Western Folklife Center to meet and greet all those others who've come to Elko for the Big Show!

I got a chance to talk with Bob Peterman, from Wibaux, MT and the guys from the Ringling 5. All of these are featured in the Night Shows this year and are great entertainers. Jinny Lowe of "Happy Trails" and Cowboy Troubador fame was here along with Smoke Wade, who writes for both her magazines, Rope Burns and for cowboyentertainer.

Later, we went out to JRs Bar and Grill to listen to Ernie Sites, a very entertaining musician who does a mix of Western and Country much like the shows I do. I especially enjoyed his Rap version of "Strawberry Roan".

At 7:00 this morning (Thursday and far too early for me!) we interviewed at KRJC Radio in Elko. Billy Rose, Jamie Parker-Frank, Jamie Baker, Toni McGuire and myself all got a chance to talk with the Elko area via FM radio and either perform or have played some of our material. It was a lot of fun and very productive.

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