Sunday, February 04, 2007

Saturday in Elko: The last night to shine

Once I managed to become concious after the late Friday night (actually, late Saturday morning) bedtime, I headed to the Junior High School across the street from the Elko Convention Center, where the music day-show is held. I had managed to get signed up for one of the coveted Day Show slots, as had Jamie Baker from Alder, Montana. We were in the same session and Jamie asked me to come up on stage and give her some guitar back-up.

She did a really nice job and managed to get out a couple of her original songs before her time ran down.

Afterward, there was one other group and then I would be up for my set. I went to the back of the audience and talked with the Reddington family and had a sudden inspiration! Landen Reddington and I borrowed a guitar from Valerie White and raced to the tune-up room for some quick practice. He has listend to my CDs many times so he at least knew the songs a little so we practiced "X" for a few minutes and then they called us for the stage.

Landen played a flawless lead for me when I did "X" and, of course, instantly stole the show! Then, we did "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and he of course did a wonderful lead with that also. I had him do an instrumental called "El Cumbanchero", which I just love. Even though he didn't have a rythm guitar to back him up (no WAY I can keep up with him on this song!) he did a great job. The audience wanted more and we had a little time so I had him do another instrumental. What a blast! It was great being on stage with such an outstanding talent.

I played at Corral West again and then on over to Duncan Little Creek for our Night Show.

Such a great show Billy Rose presented there. "STAMPEDE" was there and, as usual, we enjoyed their show. It's significant that Steve Taylor, the President of the Western Music Association, was not at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering night show. He was at the Elko Rejects Gathering!

Billy hosted many great talents last night and I have no intention of trying to list them all. As a matter of fact, some of the best entertainers I got to watch in Elko this year were at the Duncan Little Creek Gallery open mic show.

One of my new friends (actually, we became friendly last year at the DLC Gallery show) is Ron Christopher from (sorry, but somebody has to be) Los Angeles, CA. Here's another example of a fantastic talent, singer, guitar player and, most significantly, songwriter, who has to seek out a good place to play while he's here.

That reminds me, the Reddington Family story needs to be mentioned. Here, now and probably in other places later.

During the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering of 2006, the Reddingtons (the "High Strung Band") were unable to find a place to play for any audience. Essentially, they were walking the streets, looking for someone who would listen. they heard about the Open Mic show hosted by Billy Rose so they asked Billy if they could play. We were absolutely floored by the talent in this family. you have to see them to believe it. But they couldn't get on the stage at the "Big Show" and still haven't. They got on at Duncan Little Creek, though and have a permanent invitation to the Townsend Montana Cowboy Entertainer Gathering and will dominate any show on which they appear.

I went to the Stockmen Casino to check out the jam sessions there. There were a few performers playing for a crowd of about 100 people and I joined in for a while. It was fun and I got to meet and greet a few more folks but I soon wandered back to the Gallery show.

I helped Billy break down the equipment after everything was done and we didn't get to bed until 6:30AM!

Ok. As soon as the youTube videos are available, I will post them here. I have a couple of good videos of the Reddington family and you'll see some of what I mean.

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