Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friday events in Elko, Nevada

Friday was a great day for Western Music in Elko, Nevada! The day-shows at the Elko convention Center were awsome, the other venues we were playing around town were great and we all had a grand time.

At 1:00, I played at Corral West with Billy Rose, Jamie Baker, Jamie Parker-Frank, Valerie White and Ron Christopher. Lots of people came through to listen while they shopped and everyone seemed to enjoy the entertainment. I got a good video of Billy and you can see it at:

A Short Billy Rose video on YouTube

Later we went to Mountainview School and entertained a room full of elementary school kids. They loved what they heard and we loved playing for them.

I went to the Montana Show at the Elko Convention Center and watched Stephanie Davis, Paul Zarzisky and several other great Montana performers; after which we had a Montana Performers party. I had brought Montana made beer and wine with me when I came down to Elko. There was Elk salami, Cowboy Poets salsa, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Huckleberry candies and Giant Cookies along with Montana coffees. Some of the attendees were; the Ringling Five, Stephanie Davis, Paul Zarzisky, Henry Realbird, DW Groethe, Buzzy Vick, Jamie Baker and many other really great entertainers. We had a lot of fun and got to know each other a little.

Later, I went to Dos Amigos restaraunt where the High Strung Band was playing. This family consists of some of the best musicians you could ever see. The father and mother are both talented musicians but you'd never notice them because you'll be busy watching and listening to 8 year old Morgan and 11 year old Hunter play the fiddle while 13 year old Landen amazes you with his lead guitar picking. Watch Landon pick a song at this Youtube link:

The Reddington family at Dos Amigos in Elko, NV

There's my quick report for this morning. Keep tuned for more later.

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