Sunday, August 23, 2020

Kids Today

I've been having a back and forth with a Democrat friend of mine. Both of us spouting the same arguments to the same result...nothing. Actually, I enjoy my debates with die hard Dems. I have no illusion that I'll change them but I'm hoping that others, who really don't have a strong feeling either way, are reading our posts and might actually learn the truth. Anyway, something he said strongly affected me. He is absolutely right in a way. He says that we old white guys aren't the voting majority anymore. He's right on there but I'll take it a step further. Those of us who actually remember a common sense, fair and Free America are getting old. An America with two genders, cleaner and nicer entertainment and real men and LADIES we could look up to. An America where it wasn't shocking that your family had guns and hunted. An America where hard work and ambition were rewarded while sloth and indifference were not. An America where I could spend my day in the mountains, on a bicycle, with no instant communication and no real fear for my well being. I swore I'd never sound like my mother but..."These kids today"...

Today's voting age "children" are of the participation trophy era. The era of 20+ year olds still living with Mommy. Often no clear genders. Certainly no common sense. A time where a large part of the voting age children couldn't qualify for military service if they wanted to! No wonder the idea of giving up freedoms for government handouts gains such support. These kids are living in a world where handouts are just expected. I see it at work every day. Most of these kids are there to get a paycheck. The concept of actually doing the work to EARN a paycheck is completely mystifying. They do as little as possible, just putting in the hours so they can get a check once in a while. They're just warm bodies. Names on the schedule. What's worse is they are at the pinnacle of their life's achievments already. No wonder they want a higher minimum wage. They don't expect, plan or aspire to do anything more than minimum wage jobs. Participation trophies again.

Back to sounding like my mother..."in my day"... Yeah. When I was 19 I was making life and death decisions in a foreign country. I've known kids who are in their 20's and still don't even have a drivers license. Kids with no real ambition or goals. These are the kids who vote for Bernie Sanders. Who think America is a terrible place because we still have a "Capitalist System" as opposed to a "gimmee free stuff" system. We've been sliding downhill for quite a while and if we don't stop the descent pretty soon, we'll be a nation of pajama boys, being led by the TV and the internet to do whatever our Masters tell us.

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