Thursday, August 13, 2020

Some news that might interest you

I shared several things this morning that I had found in my FB news feed. I thought each was interesting and worth passing on to friends who might not have seen them.

The trouble is that this was an idea/thought provoking and interesting morning on my FB feed and the importance of some of these might fall through the cracks.

Maybe if I share some links here to some of the stuff....

The young boy in Wyoming who risked himself and suffered injury protecting his sister from an attacking dog!,26327

President Trump brokers ANOTHER middle east peace deal. Remember, back in February, the Trump Administration and Israel announced a peace plan with the Palestinians and today, they announce a signed peace deal with the United Arab emirates. Go Trump!
President Trump Brokers Peace Deal

5 year old Cannon Hinnant was shot and killed while riding his bicycle near his residence in North Carolina. A couple of things stand out to me in this story. First, the Main Stream Media
has all but blacked it out. They report only the five W's of it and go on to other things as quickly as possible. This story from Newsweek is an excellent example:
Newsweek Cannon Hinnant article

Our nation, right now, is in the throws of violent rioting and destruction, purportedly due to racism by white people against black people. I contend that most racism would just drift away if the Media and most notably the left-wing media, would just leave the racial component out of things. In their story about Cannon, Newsweek does a remarkable job of just that. A "man" shot a boy. No mention of race. Under most circumstances, I'd applaud that. But, in this case, it seems somewhat hypocritical as it was a "black" man who shot a white boy. Reverse those races and this story would be front page for months and buildings would burn!

This is the post I shared this morning:

 "250,000 bikers in Sturgis South Dakota. Many bikers carry pistols concealed, others carry openly. No shootings. No stabbings. No murders. No looting. No police assaulted. No statues torn down. No destruction of private or public property. No traffic blocked. 250,000 bikers with 84 total arrests, mostly for public intoxication. Contrast those numbers with what happens EVERY WEEKEND in Chicago. Badass Bikers Matter."

Here's a pretty good report of the crimes and traffic issues encountered by South Dakota Law Enforcement. This post is right on! 
Pierre, SD Capital journal

Overall, hangs this meme. It's true, it's timely and it's urgent!

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