Saturday, August 08, 2020

Two Issues which Must Be Dealt With!

At present, we have two major issues in our country.

First, the Corona virus "pandemic".  It has morphed from a viral pandemic which affected most of the world to major political issue here in the United States.  The disease is really being shunted aside by those in power.  "They" have been deliberately lying about and concealing an effective treatment and even preventative treatment for this Covid19 madness.  Why?  Most likely money.  

The Hydroxychloroquine (or Quercetin)/Zinc/Azithromycin treatment is very $5 a treatment?  The vaccine They are trying to produce and the Remdisivir treatment They promote are both very expensive.  Also, Covid19 hospitalizations and/or deaths are worth a pretty good check to the hospitals involved.

As a bonus, They are able to use this virus as a club against President Trump in Their fevered effort to remove him from office.

Second, the riots occurring in many of our major cities.

The death of George Floyd was tragic and probably unjustified.  But, those who are willing to take any road to get rid of our President saw it as more.  A White Cop and a black "victim" played right into Their hands so it was hyped by Their media and protests about it were agitated to produce riots and violence to an extent we haven't seen in 60 years or more.

Now, the Mainstream Media deliberately downplays the rioting, calling it "peaceful protest" and use it as an example of how ineffective our President must be.  At the same time, those normal citizens who live in these riot zones are being hurt, both physically and financially.  Our citizens are suffering because an elite group of Deep State insiders want anarchy.

And our government is completely useless, partly because Democrat Governors and Mayors are following the orders from Them and allowing the rioting and destruction to continue.  Their police forces are acting as if their oath is to the Governor, Mayor and city council; not to God, themselves and the people.  The police are following the "orders from on high".  Thus, the violence gets worse by the day.

President Trump needs to make the Hydroxychloroquine treatment available to any doctor who wants to try it, without repercussions.  

Those who have deliberately concealed these treatments, for their own purposes, (Can you say; "Fauci"? "Gates"? "Big Pharma"?) should be charged with Murder and Treason.

It's far past the time for the President to invoke the Insurrection Act and send the Military in to these rioting cities and just clean it up.  Shoot whoever you must and arrest the leaders.  You think the FBI doesn't know who the real leaders are of all this?  Quick, surgical arrests would put a stop to it all in a hurry, along with overwhelming force against the sheep who are just following the orders of Those Behind the Scenes.
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