Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our Gathering is over for this year

Well, our Townsend Cowboy Entertainer Gathering has come and gone. The lights are out, the floors swept and mopped and the doors locked on another great weekend Western Entertainer party. We had a blast!!

It seemed like Friday was a complete zoo, with little problems cropping up constantly and Joann and I running from one brushfire to the next, frantically slapping out the flames. But, at the same time, the top quality entertainers we had here took over the actual performance area and handled everything for us so that we could get the dinner, auction, vendors, concession stand, motel rooms, promotions, setup...all the wonderful things that go on in the background...done.

Of special note as someone who was invaluable to us this weekend was Doug White, the husband of one of our entertainers, Valerie White. Everyone knows that if Doug hadn't been there to take over the CD table and admissions and so on I would have run away and I'd be halfway to Guadalahara by now! Thanks Doug.

Then, a special "Thank You" to all the performers and their families who attended this year. You all know the lack of reliable memory in my head so I won't try to list everyone. We had over 30 people show up to entertain at our little party and each one was appreciated and welcome. I can only hope that we see all of them again next year and they each bring a friend.

John Westbrook handled all of our sound issues and as usual did a great job. A little tip for those of you thinking of setting up any kind of performance show, whether Western or Rap. Have a great sound guy and system or don't do the show.

I'm not going to do a complete Gathering Report here and now, but will write something up soon for both here and the website.

Those who were here, thank you so much for coming and we sure hope you had a good enough time that you want to come back next year. Those who couldn't make it, we sure hope to see you next year!

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