Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lost Horse Ranch Cowboy Gathering; June 23, 2007

Well, we had a great time in Oregon last weekend. Billy Rose and I have been working together a lot more lately and things are starting to click with us. We joined with Dan Emert (A National champion Fiddle Player) and Alan Feves (Bass player with the Oregon East Symphony) to back up Myra Pearce at a show she did near Elgin, Oregon. The show went very well, we all had a great time and I really can't think of anything about it all that I'd change. Well, maybe one thing. Apparently, I subconciously felt that Idaho had one too many deer so I hit one with my car!

Anyway...the Lost Horse Ranch has had three previous Gatherings. They are a little different from the "Gatherings" that we are used to. I think of it as being a Cowboy Poetry or Entertainer Gathering but this was a "Cowboy" Gathering. They had trail rides, riding and roping competiions and all kinds of stuff going on. It was very interesting and very entertaining. You might keep track of their website and see when they are doing it again as it looked like a really good time.

We stayed at the Stampede Inn in Elgin and got a chance to talk with the owners. They are very nice people and I reccommend their place if you're in that area. Of course, I'm not sure there are a lot of choices!
I'm hoping we get other opportunities to work with Myra. It was a blast to work with such a consumate professional. She has a beauitful voice and a happy, smiling personality. We enjoyed our contact with her. She is getting a new CD out and I enjoyed doing songs from it. Keep track of her website also as she should have a lot going on.
Well, it's off to Virginia City for the weekend and maybe for the whole week. Have fun out there "y'all"

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