Thursday, January 30, 2020

Trump plays too much golf

This is a meme I saw on Facebook today and I just HAD to answer it!

That Damned Trump! He needs to quit golfing and fix this China trade war and get some kind of deal with them so we can start trading goods again. He needs to fix the NAFTA mess and get a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.
CNN: US/China Phase 1 Trade Deal
NBC News: USMCA Trade Deal replaces NAFTA

If he'd knock off the golfing, maybe he could come up with some policies that will reduce the unemployment in this country. Minorities need better employment rates and so do women. Trump economic numbers

Get off that golf course and make our military stronger and improve the morale in our military.
Defense News: Military Readiness

He needs to get some kind of tax reform so we don't pay so much in taxes.
Wall Street Journal: Tax reform is helping most people

He should be sitting in his office, signing bills to battle sex trafficking in our country. Trump increasing budget to fight human trafficking

If he weren't golfing, he could be the first sitting President ever to attend the Right to Life rally.

Let's get some border wall built and reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants who sneak into our country while deporting those who are already here. 
CNN: Trump Border Wall
San Diego Tribune: Like them or not, Trumps policies are reducing illegal immigration

Yep. If he weren't wasting so much time golfing, maybe he could keep a couple of promises that he made.

 Yes sir, I agree that he needs to quit golfing and get some work done for America, like the Democrat leadership has done. All the things the Democrats have done for America in the past three years speak for themselves.

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