Friday, January 24, 2020

Coronavirus: Major pandemic or media hype?

Wuhan Hospital scene
I'm back to wondering what is REALLY going on in China with this Coronavirus.

Is this a major Pandemic in the making; with an already major epidemic in Wuhan, China or, are there only under 1000 people infected?  Which is it?

If you read this article, it says both things, sometimes in the same paragraph:
Here's a quote that illustrates my point:  "Harrowing pictures on social media show people collapsed on the street and in hospital waiting rooms amid the epidemic which has claimed the lives of at least 26 people."

Ok.  Which is it?  Are people collapsing on the streets or have only 26 people, in a city of 11 MILLION people?  Are things as chaotic as the pictures in this article suggest or are there less than 1000 people infected, worldwide?  In a city of 11million, how many thousands are home sick each day with common cold or flu?  Likely far more than 800 and no panic in the streets, empty grocery shelves and crowded hospitals.
Wuhan Grocery store

The conspiracy theorist inside of me says that the pictures and videos we see here are true and our world is facing annihilation while the governments and media work to make it seem insignificant.

The logical part of me says, if only 1000 people, worldwide, are infected, then these are more internet hype pictures, as believable as the "Lincoln said" memes we see every day.

I'm reminded of the Book/movie, "The Stand".  A Steven King story where the government covered up a devastating disease while it destroyed civilization. 

What is the truth? 

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