Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Democrat Presidential Candidates

I caught a few moments of last nights grade school level debate and I've read about it today and have the following observations.

First, once again, a U.S. Presidential candidate debate and not one single American Flag on the stage. Hmmm.

All of the candidates support, at one level or another; Partial Birth Abortion; Gun control, up to and including confiscation; Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants who are here and open borders for all those who want to come here; the "New Green Deal; Free Medical Care and lots of other "Free Stuff". Mostly, they all are big on the idea of the government telling us what we can earn, how we can spend what we earn, what we can own and how we live.

Partial Birth Abortion. What part of "birth" do they not get? If the baby has been born, then you are
killing a baby. Even the silly argument that a fetus is not a person doesn't apply.

"Gun buy back" programs are government sponsored theft. Confiscation is government committed theft and a violation of the 4th Amendment.
Gun Control Stances (Politico)

Illegal Immigrants are just that. Illegal. Our immigration laws are in place to try and protect us from diseases that other countries haven't eradicated, criminals from other countries hiding here, the smuggling into our country of dangerous drugs and weapons and so on. Funny how the same people bitching about our immigration laws are also bitching about the Coronavirus coming into this country and are the same people trying to control illegal firearms.

Free Medical Care, under any name, is the death knell for the incredible quality we enjoy in our medical care. If the government sets the prices, a lot of quality doctors will do something else and we'll be seeing PAs and NPs most of the the VA system today
Free college tuition? Elizabeth Warren gripes about the cost of college and yet accepts over $200,000 a year salary from teaching college. Which is it, Fauxcahontas?

Warren, Biden and Sanders have all been in congress for dozens of years and haven't addressed anything they crow about now.
Donald Trump has been President for 3 years and look at the economic, trade and foreign affairs
successes he already has!

All of them, but Bernie in particular, are advocating some level of socialism. Bernie is just a communist and has told us so many times. His "honeymoon" in the Soviet Union and his glowing praise of Fidel Castro are telling.

Has anyone ever noticed how hard people try to come to this country from socialist countries? Doesn't that make your common sense button throb at least a little?

Socialist Dems often cite Scandinavian countries as socialist success stories. Sure. their governments pay for much of the services they get but at an enormous tax cost. Once again, the government telling us how much we can make (price controls), what we can keep of what we make (taxes) and what we can buy with what we make. Give up all your personal freedoms so that your nanny state can take care of you from womb to tomb.
Scandinavian Taxation

I don't want half of what little I make to be taken (stolen) by the government to pay other peoples bills.

Overall, the entire field of Democrat Presidential Candidates is disgusting at best. I know that many of you think of yourselves as Democrats but this isn't the Democrat Party of your fathers. JFK and Roosevelt are Dead.

Todays Democrat faces are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Crazy Bernie Sanders.

"Ask not what you can do for your country! Ask what free stuff your country can give to you."

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