Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The murder of a non-aggressive rancher in Oregon yesterday is a profound incident in our nation today. It isn't getting the media attention it deserves because it paints our all-powerful Federal Government in a bad light.

"They" are showing us that They can do whatever They want. The Mainstream media reports what they are told to and the Fed Police can do as They like. One of those arrested was Peter Santilli. Was he an armed protester? Was he one of those occupying the Fed property? No. He was an "Alternative Media" reporter. As in, not Mainstream Media but someone who reports what is happening, not just what the Fed tells him to report. Result? He's in jail now too. Doesn't this make you go...Hmmmmm?

I agree with the underlying issue that the "Bundy" group was protesting; unconstitutional Federal Land Grabs and the peripheral issue of the unfair imprisonment of the Hammonds. I never thought the takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge buildings was a good idea. I thought it took attention away from the Hammonds. On the other hand, it DID bring the situation to National attention.

But, the occupation of the Federal facility and the rhetoric involved is not the issue we should focus on today. The problem that should be at the forefront of National attention is the outright murder of a good man.

LaVoy Finnicum was not a known criminal with a long rap sheet and multiple convictions. He was a Rancher, husband and father with no criminal record. He was not fighting with police at the time of his murder, nor did he threaten them in any way. LaVoy Finnicum was truly a "Hands up, don't shoot" situation and he was gunned down, for no reason, by Federal troops at what amounted to a traffic stop.

Victoria Sharp was in the car that Finnicum was driving and she says that none of the occupants of the car even touched their weapons during the encounter. None were carrying "long guns" and none tried to "shoot it out" with the Feds. One of the things she says really struck me. Ryan Bundy, with his hands out of the car window, made his head visible while trying to talk with the Feds. Without provocation, They shot at him but missed. Anybody heard of Ruby Ridge? Anyway, here's Ms. Sharp's story:

Here are some other websites with some additional info:

My understanding is that the Grant county Sheriff, Glenn Palmer, has expressed his opinion that this should be handled by local Law Enforcement and not the Federal force. With that, I would wholeheartedly agree.

What I would like to see happen now is for the Oregon Sheriff's Association all get together and take over the handling of this. Let the Oregon Sheriff's, who actually have jurisdiction, make this a local issue and get the Feds out of it.

For one thing, who investigates yesterday's murder? Do the Feds now investigate themselves and find it justified? The local Harney County Sheriff, David Ward, should be handling this whole thing.

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