Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm back again

Let's get this show back on the road!! I've kind of gotten used to doing my writing on Facebook as it's so easy there to make contact with so many people at once. But I'm planning to get back into keeping up this blogsite again.

As I look through the last few posts, I like what I was posting before and have every intention of doing essentially the same things.

I'll be posting opinions of current events, interesting stories I've heard or experienced, travels and travails as they happen and just basic "stuff".

Comments are welcome and I will allow negative comments, if presented with taste and respect. Remember, I'm an old fashioned "Old Guy" and not thrilled with profanity nor am I willing to give a forum to someone who is abusive or combative. I'll be doing my best to not insult the readers, although I know my opinions will likely offend some. There is a difference.

I'm also willing to entertain the idea of presenting posts from others who have things they want to say. Just e-mail me your proposed post to easygibson@gmail.com and I'll look it over.

Things you've seen or done out there in the world. Reports of Cowboy or Western shows or gatherings. Reports of pool tournaments or even good matches you have watched or in which you have participated. Anything like that expands the view from here and gets more content available to those who read this. Pictures are always good.

Lets have some fun. Let's be entertaining, informative and even a little controversial.

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