Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines gig

Eric Nelson (Wayne Nelson's son) and I played at the Townsend American Legion last night. It was a good night and everyone had a good time.

The Legion has gone Non-Smoking (FINALLY) and business slowed for them quite a bit these first couple of weeks. I'm hoping that all those people who gripe about the smoky bars will start patronizing the Legion now and build the business back up.

Anyway, they had a mixed doubles pool tournament last night so we had a good crowd right from the beginning as well as the few who came in just for the music.

Eric and I are a good mix as he is an extremely good guitar player and is founded more in Rock than Country/Western. He can play along with my classic (old-guy) country and then throw in some good rock stuff once in a while for variety.

We were done about midnight and I played the male half of the tournament winning team for his share of the tournament winnings. That added to my take for the night!

No trip to West Yellowstone this weekend as I'm finishing up a couple of computers that I was working on so I just don't have time to run down to West for a pool tournament. Maybe next week.

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