Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lacie Madison (Pierry)

When John Westbrook and I did our "Happy Hour" thing at the Mint Friday, we had a special treat. Lacie Madison stopped in with her Dad, Russ Pierry.

I met Lacie several years ago when they first moved here to Townsend. She was all fired up to be a singer/songwriter. Lacie was 15, I think, when I first met her. Very pretty and extremely "upbeat" about everything.

We invited her to Music Ranch, which Was in Belgrade, MT at the time, and she would come there every week and perform with us. She sang a lot of Civil War era songs and played the guitar ok.

Since then, she has been on TV shows in Hawaii, Memphis and Nashville and is currently living in Nashville where she is pursuing her musical career. She has one very nice CD out and is having some great success. Yesterday, I got an earfull of why.

Lacie had come home to attend the funeral of a friend of ours. Lacie had written a song about Dorothy and the family asked her to perform it for the funeral.

She has a lovely, clear penetrating voice, plays the guitar very well and delivers her songs extremely well. My only comment, as she finished, was: "Wow!"

In addition, of course, she has grown from a pretty young girl to a very attractive young woman. I'm suitably impressed. Keep at it Lacie!

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