Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Montana week

Well, it's still winter up here! Actually, it hasn't been bad lately. We had temps into the fifties last week for a day or two.

Westbrook and I are still doing our "Happy Hour" show at the Mint in Townsend, MT every Friday from about 5pm until about 8pm. We're starting to see more people coming in to hear us so our audience is building a little.

I'll be doing the Mint thing by myself this Friday (the 13th) as John will be playing with Country Traditions at the Lounge in Belgrade, MT on Friday and Saturday.

Eric Nelson and I will play at the American Legion, in Townsend on Saturday (Valentines) evening. I'm looking forward to that as it should be a lot of fun. I don't know how much advertising the Legion has done, though. We may be entertaining the bartender and ourselves!

I'm updating (slowly) the performers pages by changing the sample music from realplayer to MP3 files. It's kind of tedious work so it's going pretty slowly but I've been keeping at it a little at a time. My page, Wayne Nelsons and parts of Bill Chiles, Valerie White and John Westbrook are done.

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