Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Years Bar Gig

Well, as I had warned, I did a Bar Gig for New Years weekend. and, it was a blast! Colt Angell and I played at the American Legion Club and the Mint Bar in Townsend, Montana for the weekend and we had a great time. Crowds weren't huge but they weren't anywhere in town as I guess there were several private parties going on. Anyway, I had blown the dust off of my old bar song list and Colt does these quite often so it went very well and I've been getting great comments since.

Colt is a great guy and a great musician. He plays just about anything he takes an interest in...guitar, fiddle, bass guitar, standup bass, piano...Young, good-lookin' and talented! I remember being young. Oh well.

Now, I'm getting things together for a trip to Sidney, Montana (on purpose) for the Mon-Dak Ag Days banquet where Rusty Feathers ( ) and I are scheduled to perform.

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