Sunday, January 28, 2007

I did a little show in Big Sky with Buzzy Vick

I had a short notice show scheduled for last night, 1-27-07, at the Half Moon Saloon in Big Sky, Montana. There was a special party/banquet for executives from the Continental Tire company and the piano player cancelled on them. Buzzy Vick suggested they call me. What a great friend she is!

Anyway, I went down there last night and played for about 70 people who all seemed to really enjoy the show. Buzzy and I entertained for about 45 minutes after they were through with dinner. All in all, a very successful trip.

Speaking of successful, the results of a couple of pool games and a couple of hours at the poker table made it even better! I have to say, I enjoy my life!

See ya all in Elko.

That reminds me: for all of you who will be attending the Montana party in elko on Friday: I have five cases of Montana made Adult Beverages, three cases of Cowboy Poets Salsa and two big boxes of Rope Burns. There's not going to be much room left in my car for me and a guitar!

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