Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mon-Dak Ag Show in Sidney, Montana

Rusty Feathers ( ) and I had a great trip out to Sidney, Montana this weekend. We played for the Banquet at the Mon-Dak Ag Fair and Trade Show. The banquet was held at the Triangle Night Club and we had a pretty decent sized crowd who seemed to really enjoy the show. A great time was had by all as we did about an hour and a half of Western Music and Cowboy Poetry for those folks.

It was great to do one of our shows for an audience of Montana Ag-related people. We did some of our more "Cowboy" songs and poems and our audience didn't have to have the punchlines explained! Also, my Californicator jokes went over well with them!

After the banquet was over and most of the audience had trailed on home, we were talking to the owner of the Triangle while her employees cleaned up the banquet area and got tables off of the dancefloor. The Triangle Night Club bar was still open so there were several folks to visit with. Anyway, Rusty is a "great dancer" and they tried dancing to the jukebox for a while with little satisfaction so I went out and got my guitar and played some bar/dance music for an hour or so, just to give Rusty a chance to show off his dancing skills. That was fun, too. I really enjoy doing the bar thing when people are actually listening and dancing. It's when we are just sonic wallpaper or accompaniment for orchestrated fights that I don't enjoy the bar gigs.

This next couple of weeks, I'll be getting my stuff together for the trip to Elko and the big National Cowboy Poetry Gathering therein.

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