Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roberta Green Passes on

On December 5th, 2006, Cowboy Poetry and Western Entertainment lost one of it's most loved members. Roberta Green, of Challis, Idaho, passed away.

Roberta was one of the founders of the Cowboy Poets of Idaho and has been involved in Cowboy Poetry for many years. Roberta has won the Cowboy Poets of Silver Quill Award and is in the CPI Hall of Fame. She's served on the CPI Board of Directors for many years.
Roberta had written many poems and books. I have "The World By the Tail On a Downhill Pull" and have read it more than once. Such a special lady with a special gift to entertain folks while informing us at the same time.
Roberta was a special friend to all of us and will be greatly missed. Her passing is a loss to all of us in Western Entertainment but such a gain to those she entertains today!
Her funeral will be Monday the 11th in Challis Idaho at the Congregation Churchat 11:o'clock.
I'll be updating this blog entry as I get more information about her many awards and accomplishments. Please feel free to leave comments here.

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Denise McRea said...

Roberta Green was the source of so many wonderful things in my life that I cannot begin to imagine my world without her in it. It was Roberta who helped start Cowboy Poetry Gatherings in Idaho. That first gathering in Salmon, clear back in the late 1980s, when she asked for local poets to submit poems for the gathering... my husband heard the radio show and encouraged me to send one in. I did, Roberta liked it, and even though I could not attend the first couple of gatherings, she remembered me. When I finally could attend one, she began to help me. I mean really help me. She always found out when I'd be on stage, and would sit in the front row so I could see her. That way, terrified me had a friendly face to recite to. Her 90 megawatt smile and the words "speak up, slow down" got me through many recitations. From her I gained the confidence I have needed to do many more things than cowboy poetry. She would introduce me as her protege, and she was indeed my mentor. But more than anything, she was my friend, in the truest and best meaning of the word. We became family to each other and I loved her dearly. She encouraged me here in college, and I wanted her at my graduation. Roberta was an amazing woman, not just as a poet, but as a historian, mother, aunt, and friend. I am proud and honored to have her in my life.