Saturday, November 07, 2020

Trump/Biden or Biden/Trump: Bring America Together Again!


As we sit here today, 11-7-2020, all the media has "called" the Presidential election for Joe Biden after four days of frantic fraud effort in several states.   A quote here from my friend Kirby Jonas, who very succinctly says what I am thinking:

"I have never seen a bigger farce than this election, and I have to say I am ashamed of and embarrassed for any person who is fool enough to believe the results of the election were real. NO ONE who has truly followed real news for the past four months would believe that two people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could have taken this election away from a man with Trump's popularity.

I'm tired of pussy-footing around and trying to appease people. I would be sick and ashamed to be part of a party that would cheat to get a candidate into office. And I'm sick to my stomach to be part of a party that allows the so-called "election results" to stand.

It sickens me knowing that the Democrats can rest easy because they know for a fact Conservatives won't riot and do the same kind of violent crap they do when they don't get their way. Who are we going to attack, after all? The only solution would be for us to rise up and go right to the source--Washington and state capitols. And you know our party won't take up arms and do that. The Dems in power knew it too. They knew their coup would be safe, and now if they can somehow get our guns away before we are all starving to death and in slavery they will have it made.

Ironically, the low-life Democratic voters will be down here starving with us.

Up to and including our nation's War-Between-The-States, I believe this is America's darkest day.

I need to quickly add a different ending on my post! It seems so far that my readers think I have given up this race. I have NOT. Far from it. This thing is going to play out for a LONG time before we allow it to be called--make no mistake about that."

Although the lying media has called this election for Biden/Harris, there is, as Kirby states, a long way to go yet.  This article from NBC News can help understand where we are headed.

This brings up an interesting scenario.

Let's say that President Trump's lawsuits and recounts over the next month or so casts real doubt on the true winner but with no clear win for President Trump either...hmmm. 

The House votes, each state getting a single vote, not each member of the House, so the Dem majority there is not as big an issue.

So, the House vote reelects President Trump and then the Senate has to vote for the Vice President.  I've read, but I'm not certain, that the Vice President in this instance has to be the runner up in the election.  So, we'd have a Trump/Biden Presidency.  This might be a very good thing; maybe bringing our country back together a little more.

What if the House votes Biden into the Presidency?  Well, since the sitting Senate is still a Republican majority, I think we could count on a Vice President Trump and, considering Bidens mental and physical capabilities, back to President Trump in a very short while!

I'd call this a win/win situation, wouldn't you?

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