Friday, November 27, 2020

They Are Almost In Control Now

The fraud and theft of this election is obvious to anyone honest enough to look.
Biden didn't campaign. He hid out in his basement because he knew the fix was in for him, no matter what.

President Trump stands in the way of the Globalist agenda and (T)hey HAD to get rid of him. They tried the Russian hoax, They tried impeachment, riots, looting, lawlessness and then They either introduced or took advantage of a virus, slightly more virulent and contagious than the flu, to make the mindless believe that they were in danger.

None of these things worked. President Trump was able to withstand the unceasing investigations, impeachment fraud and didn't fall for Their trap in re the riots and looting. President Trump just stuck to the Constitution and the law and left Them with no more ammo in Their pouch.

So, They arranged for a demented old man and a woman They could control to run against President Trump in this election, knowing that They would be using every possible method to cheat; would have the unwavering support of Their media and the support of Their social media as well.

If never mattered to Them who ran against President Trump. They expected us to vote him in with a record-breaking landslide. They weren't surprised at the vote count on November 3rd. They were ready.

All They had to do was wait until They could see the necessary states to steal. Then, They stopped the vote counting in those states and executed Their plan. With rigged machines, ballot harvesting, fake mail-in ballots and all the other ways They cheated, They made it look enough like Biden had won that Their media could hype it. Their mindless drones in our population, who believe whatever They report, could say that President Trump had been defeated. "See? Look at the votes!"

But, once again, President Trump didn't follow the normal line. He didn't just accept that They had finally gotten what They wanted. He continues to fight.

Will President Trump and the true citizens of the United States ultimately triumph? I'm not smart enough to know. It's possible but the powers against us are nearly unbeatable.

Super money...even more that Trump has. All of the mainstream and most of the follow along media. Social media. All the Democrats in any level of government. All those whose livelihood hinges on the continued gravy train of our corrupt government and all those people who either can't or won't think for themselves and make any effort to see the truth. Sadly, nearly half of our citizenry.

Who does President Trump have? A majority of the U.S. voters, likely a majority of those who don't vote but can still think for themselves and a small team of dedicated friends and supporters.

It's looking bad. They are able to control us like never before. They continue to hype the virus, getting us to wear masks, avoid our families and friends, stay at home and shop Their big stores online, slowly choking the local businesses that are the lifeblood of a free population.

If They can get Biden in as President, then They will have control of the world. The United States is the last bastion of true freedom in the world and we stand on the brink of losing it all. Once Biden is Their figurehead, They can either keep him or admit to his dementia and put Harris is his place. Either way, Their agenda will rapidly be implemented.

They won't have to conquer us with force of arms. Already, a large part of our population is under Their control. Just look around for The Mark.

The masks are The Mark, showing Them who is compliant and who is not. Soon, it will be the vaccine. "Show us your immunization papers" is how the Walmart door guard will be greeting us. Only the huge corporate stores will be left and if you aren't wearing your mask, have your "papers" or your RFID chip, you won't be allowed to shop.

You won't be hire-able either. You can't work at Walmart, Amazon, Costco or any other remaining job market without your continued compliance.

What will those of us who won't go along do? Barter? What will be our medium of exchange? Gold? U.S. Currency? Beer, tobacco, whiskey, food...toilet paper?

When I first began to formulate this post, I thought to myself: "This is too far-fetched. I'm just being weird". The more I wrote, the more often I read this over to myself, the more I realized that, not only am I right, but I'm probably under stating it.

I'm able to see what is going on and articulate it in writing. I'm not smart enough to see how we can counter it. At present, my only hope and prayer is that President Trump and his team are able to, once again, overcome the coup and defeat Them at Their game.

If not, I believe we are doomed as a free nation.

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