Friday, July 24, 2020

I think we're being played

I've learned, through a long and eventful life, to put a lot of faith in my "gut instinct".  My common sense and logic makes me very skeptical of whether this Covid19 is the world-ending virus that the Main Stream Media would have us believe.

On one hand, the published case numbers and death numbers are appalling.  Half as many cases as the flu but twice as many deaths as the flu.  Case numbers skyrocketing in most states, including here in Montana.  Case and death counts still rising.

On the other hand, CDC numbers are being revised down almost every day.  Florida testing clinics found to be misreporting case numbers.  Doctors and Nurses claiming to see case and death numbers inflated.  Dr. Birx, herself, telling us that if someone dies "with" Covid19, then the death certificate will say they died "of" Covid19.

So, are these terrifying numbers real?  Or is it all being hyped up for some nefarious purpose?  Certainly, President Trump's policies had resulted in a booming economy.  Most of our economic numbers were better than we'd seen in over 50 years and some numbers (minority employment, for instance) greater than EVER.  China was being forced to make equitable trade deals and was actually in the process of acceding to President Trump's demands when...from China...a virus came a callin'.  

Yes, this virus affected the rest of the world, so how could it have been aimed at us, just to unseat President Trump?  All just a cover?  An accidental release in China and the rest of the world?  Or, once again, are our numbers being inflated to make President Trumps economy continue to founder?  Since most of the world is seeing far fewer cases while ours seem to skyrocket, I can only say...hmmm.

The CDC said personal masks were ineffective.  Then, They said masks were necessary.  Now, They are making them mandatory.  Are masks as useless as my logic and common sense tell me or are they a critical tool in the fight against this virus?  Is this virus even significant enough to fight?  If the published numbers are true, then, yes, we should be going all out in an effort to get this virus under control and even on the off-chance that a cloth mask will help, we should all be wearing them.  But, if the numbers are actually being inflated and there are nowhere near the cases and deaths that They are telling us, then the masks are just a badge for Them to know who has bought into the whole thing.  A preliminary 666 on our forehead!

If we believe Them, Covid19 is dormant in bars and restaurants until around 11PM, then becomes dangerous.  It's safe to shop in huge corporate stores but local businesses are dangerous.  It's safe to go to Walmart, we can attend Black Lives Matter rallies and even loot and riot in groups of thousands but our normal voting process is dangerous.  Homeless people are safe from this virus.  It's just not passing the smell test.

Think about this.  If Covid19 had been tracked and reported on as diligently as the seasonal flu (NOT), would most of the country even know about it?  Would most of us have been affected if we weren't being bombarded with Covid19 news all day, every day?  Where would our country be today if Covid19 had been handled, by President Trump, as H1N1 was handled by President Obama?  How many knew that H1N1 was even a major thing?  How many are aware of the alarming numbers of Seasonal Flu?

Honestly, my gut instinct  (which HAS been wrong!) tells me that They are deliberately hyping the severity of this virus, inflating the case and death numbers and unnecessarily closing down our economy, because of extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I suspect that They are using a real, worldwide, viral contagion to try and get enough people unhappy with our President so that he can't get re-elected.

Just as They are using a real police excessive force incident to incite anarchy throughout our country for much the same purpose.

I think we're being played.

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