Friday, April 17, 2020

I'm Ashamed of Our Cowardice

I watched today's Covid19 press conference as the President and his Task Force explained how they expect to attempt to rebuild our country.

They talked of much testing for this virus and Dr. Birx was talking about testing and monitoring ANY respiratory type illness, from now on into the future.

Dr. Fauci has talked about no longer shaking hands as a greeting...ever. They all kept talking about the "new normal". Except for President Trump a couple of times. He was talking about things going back to nearly normal. But, as he goes along with his crowd of Chicken Little's, even he makes me sad.

I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed of our response to this virus from day one. I'm ashamed of our various state governments and THEIR response to this. I'm VERY ashamed of my heroes in Law Enforcement who have done such stupid, unconstitutional things while enforcing "orders" from dictators. I was always taught that we didn't HAVE to enforce or follow orders that we deemed unconstitutional or illegal. So, those officers who arrested the father for playing in the park with his daughter; the ones who cited the pastor for holding church services and the ones who cited people for having non-essential items in their shopping carts...they must all have believed those actions were right, just and within the bounds of our God given freedoms. Let me help you here. THEY WEREN'T!

Heating my home with wood is dangerous. If a fire started in this old trailer house, I wouldn't have time to get out of my bed. I also have a propane furnace. I am personally acquainted with people who have experienced propane explosions. Of course, I could remodel and make everything electric. But, then, an electrical short could kill me as well.

Fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding; all these outdoor pursuits are incredibly dangerous, considering the possibility of drowning, snakebite, getting lost, being shot by another hunter or even accidentally shooting myself.

Much of my outdoor recreation is done in the Yellowstone area so I'm taking a very real chance of being killed by a bear.

Of course, we all know how dangerous it is to drive, ride in or walk near a car. They are just hurtling death machines and we take our lives in our hands and put our lives in the hands of others every time we get on the road.

In fact, there is a very real possibility of death or serious injury any time we get out of bed. The number of fatal or critical injuries caused by accidents in the home, including falling in the shower, accidental electrocution, falls of many other kinds...Wow! I guess we should all be living in terror.

So, the way the President and his advisors talked today, we will forever live in terror of this super-flu virus, being tested, watched, monitored and quarantined from now on. For the rest of our days, 
catching a cold will not only be a personally terrifying experience but, if you want to go to work, recreate or even go out of your house, you'll have to conceal your symptoms or risk being hauled off to quarantine. Many will be wearing masks, refusing to shake hands or even be close to others from now on. Every time I see people walking around with those stupid masks on, it makes me want to "uurp" on their shoes. THAT would give them something to be afraid of!

Doesn't ANYone else think this whole episode has been incredibly ridiculous? I know many of my friends who have been mad at me for denigrating this stupid, hysterical panic we have been going through but I am just disgusted with the whole thing.

I'm sick alright. I'm sick of this extreme over reaction to a virus with a 97% (at least ) survivability rate.

For crying out loud, my ancestors came across an ocean in a tiny little ship to settle in an unknown "New World". We followed our dreams across an ocean, over high mountains, across vast prairies and more mountains. We built a nation more vast and diverse than any other in the world, before or since. We didn't do that by cowering in our huts when we had the sniffles.

Just think of the history of your own state; your own communities even, and what others went through to give us the chance to, now, allow our governments to tell us when or if we can work, go to the store, visit our neighbor, go enjoy the company of our fellow men or even worship as we please and where we please.

Guess what. Our Founding Fathers went through the tyranny we now are beginning to embrace and they devised a government system designed to leave our God Given Rights to US. It's OUR choice if we want to open a business. It's our choice if we want to go to church and sit next to our neighbors. WE choose if we want to risk driving a car to a deep lake, go out on a flimsy boat...all to catch a few fish that many of us just release anyway.

They acted, today, as if allowing us to leave our homes for any reason was a great favor. We should 
be thankful to Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci and even President Trump for offering to grant us an opportunity to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness. How magnanimous They all are to relent on our house arrest a little bit and allow businesses to open and a select few of us to socialize. But, only a little! Remember, keep your distance! Don't shake hands! Wear those masks!

Don't visit your lonely elderly family members. Leave them alone in those "facilities" with no personal contact with their families. How many of those people, who, remember, went through two world wars, a depression and an entire life of hard work and sacrifice; would happily risk this stupid virus to hold the hand of one of their grandchildren?

THINK! You Have the RIGHT to do these things! GOD gave you those rights when He allowed you to be born! The government doesn't GIVE you those rights. The Constitution doesn't give you those rights. The Constitution is there to keep government from suppressing those rights. But, having those rights is useless when the government, at any level, decides to circumvent, disregard and TRASH the Constitutional principles our Founding Fathers enumerated.

But, all my ranting is of little merit if the people of our country are willing to meekly allow an All Powerful Government to direct their every step, from womb to tomb. Because; here's a concept that may be new to you...the Government is US. It's YOU. Those Governors who showed their true, power hungry colors by ordering Their Police to stand on your heads; If you don't vote Them out and get some "leaders" who believe in that Constitution, well, then you will live the way you deserve. As serfs, peasants, "Free roaming humans on a big tax farm".

Our country was Divinely founded. God placed some of His most Chosen people here at that time. God guided their minds and actions. The Constitution of the United States is a Divinely Inspired Document, designed to do just what it did. The Constitution is the foundation of the greatest, most prosperous and free country EVER to exist on this earth.

But the growing iniquity, slothfulness and apathy of our people could very well cause this great country to come to a bitter end. Unless we turn back to the ways of our forefathers. Unless we take back control of our country from all those who threaten it, we will cause our descendants to live in bondage and servitude. Maybe, it will happen quickly enough that some of us will experience it. We HAVE experienced it, to a small extent, over the last two months. They have shown us what They want to do. Now, we either accept their control or we do not. It's up to's up to YOU!

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