Saturday, April 11, 2020

How far will They take it? The answer far as we LET Them!

A very good friend of mine ( a couple of them, actually) laughs at me because I'd be perfectly happy as a hermit, living with little or no contact with the rest of the world.  These same people, all good friends and close enough to me to know me well, "accuse" me of being perfectly happy if I were just a drifter with a horse and a bedroll, in the 19th century.

They are very correct.

The trouble I'm having is that I want to CHOOSE to live like this!  I want to live in a country where my lifestyle is MY CHOICE.  I don't want the Government to tell me when or where I can go, whether or not I can work for a living, whether I can attend Church or go out to a bar and play pool.  I'm too old, I guess and have too many memories of a Free Country where the police don't cite pastors for holding services or arrest fathers for playing with their children in a public park.
Father arrested for playing with children
Pastor arrested for holding services

I don't want a Government that lies to the population in order to instill fear and gain control.

Here are some basic facts.  Covid19 IS more deadly, overall, than the seasonal flu.

I'll grudgingly admit that if we weren't doing this house arrest thing, it's possible that Covid19 would infect as many Americans as does the seasonal flu and thus the fatality numbers would be much higher than the flu.

Maybe, just maybe, living in fear, crashing our economy, only going outside when we must and then wearing protective masks is all for the good.  A couple of months ago, we laughed at people who did such things.  "Germophobes".  Remember that?

Of course, a couple of months ago, people who stored a reasonable amount of needed supplies, in case of emergency, were ALSO crazy..."Preppers", "Survivalists".  Hmmm.

My fear is not Covid19.  If I were inCREDIBLY unlucky and caught Covid19, I know I'd be very sick and, with my health, would be in very real danger.  Even so, if They gave me the choice, I'd go back to living my life normally, working, shopping, playing pool in crowded bars, waiting tables in a crowded restaurant and going out to eat in those same kinds of restaurants.  Normal and FREE.  My Choice!

No.  My terror is that, now that They have had a taste of Total Control and They HAVE total control, through fear and intimidation, They won't want to let it go.  Once power hungry people get control over we serfs and peasants, it's really hard to make them let go.  Usually, the effort to regain freedom is not pretty.  Probably lose all those we saved from this virus!

I feel as if I'm shouting in an empty hall because most of my audience is already in agreement with me while a very few who are reading this stuff are in complete lockstep with the Pied Piper Government.

I have had more than one, a couple for whom I have utmost respect, indicate to me that they completely believe everything we are being told by our Government and the Main Stream Media and they are living in fear because of it.  Anyone who questions "Them" is a conspiracy nut.

Also, I am painfully aware of the fact that each of the numbers we are seeing indicates a real person, with family and friends.  Each of the thousands affected by this or any other virus is a tragedy.

But, I'm going to go through this again because, just maybe, we can still pull our country out of this tailspin before it's completely lost.

Oct 1, 2019 to April 4, 2020
Flu numbers...39-56 MILLION flu cases
410-740 thousand hospitalizations
24,000-62,000 thousand deaths
.11% fatality rate.
Approx 5350 people per million infected
Happens every year.
CDC Flu Numbers

Covid19 As of April 11
506,000 cases
19,666 deaths
3.9% fatality rate
About 1600 people per million infected.
Worldometers U.S. Covid19 numbers

More people are hospitalized with the flu every year in the U.S. than even HAVE Covid19.

Flu has a vaccine of debatable effectiveness.  These numbers are WITH a large segment of the population vaccinated.  If more were unvaccinated, flu numbers would be MUCH worse!

It seems obvious that the flu is considerably more contagious as, even if we project a million Covid19 cases by the time this is all over (doubtful), we are still as much as 50X more likely to catch the flu than we are Covid19.

However, if your luck is really bad and you DO catch Covid19, you are going to be more sick and have a greater chance of dying from it.

However, every October to April, during flu season, we don't close most businesses and our State and National Parks.  We aren't ordered into house arrest and we don't go around wearing masks.  We go about our daily lives.

The huge numbers of flu virus hospitalizations don't overwhelm our hospitals and run them out of supplies.

We can't so easily research daily tracking of flu infections by state and country, with the numbers of new infections that day highlighted.  We don't keep running numbers of deaths, how many per-million of this or  We just go on with our lives, knowing the flu is out there and trying to stay away from those who look sick.  Hospitals sometimes, during flu season, limit those allowed in and always ask that, if you're sick, please don't bring it to the rest of us.

So, what's going on with this Covid19 pan(Dem)ic?  My common sense tells me there's something else involved here.

Dr. Birx not only admitted that They are padding the death numbers but actually bragged about it.  In her comments, she was contemptuous of countries where the actual true cause of death was being cited while happy that, if someone in the U.S. dies WITH Covid19, they are shown to have died BECAUSE of Covid19, whether or not that is true.

So, why are They deliberately lying about this?   What's in it for Them?

I think we touched on this.  Power.  Money.  Control.  If we as a people are totally dependent on our Government to provide us with all our needs, giving us Their Permission to have a job and maybe even allowing us to go out once in a while; then, maybe, we will be happy to shell out more in taxes.  Those most benevolent Government Leaders can continue to live their lives of leisure if we are more willing to pay Their bills.

This HAS to come to an end, folks.  Without the requirement to have our "papers" if we leave home.  At first, probably, proving that we are immune to and/or not carriers of Covid19, then ANY disease, then, who knows?  Will our Papers advance to our having permission to leave our state, then, when we're used to that, permission to leave our county, city, state or even peoperty?
US May Issue Immunity Cards

How far will They take it?  The answer far as we LET Them!

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