Saturday, February 06, 2010

Back home again

Well, Colt and I had a great time in Elko this year. Colt had a GREAT time in Elko! He'll be a couple of weeks catching up with himself.

I played at the Nevada Dinner House Wed-Saturday from 5-9 and then over to the Duncan Little Creek Gallery where Billy Rose had his open mic setup.

There was a lot of meeting, greeting, partying and pool playing over the weekend. I could quickly get used to Nevadas all-night bars because the pool games just go on and on and on...

While I was gone, the main Townsend Tree Board member asked Joann if she thought I might want my tree cut down at the corner of my driveway. She told him; "probably not" and also explained that I was in Elko so he couldn't even ask me about it 'til I got back. That was on Tuesday the 26th of Jan.

On Friday, the 29th, when Joann got off work, she found that my trees were gone! They just walked onto my property and cut down my trees without permission; then took the tree carcasses away.

I've made a criminal complaint with the Sheriff's Office (which looks like it is going to be ignored) and will be talking with an attorney. Gotta love Government at work.

Anyway, I'm home and hiding in my little "cave". Hope they let me keep the lawn.

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GoodnessMusic said...

Omg I like very much the music you play. Let us know how the Sheriff's story ended.

Nice blog!