Tuesday, May 12, 2009

White Sulphur Springs "Motherin' Up" Gathering

We had a great time in WSS last weekend. There were lots of very good performers here from all over.

What I particularly like is that many good Montana performers come to this one. We are always trying to get more Montana people to our show in Townsend in June and we like to get a chance to mix the Montana performers with all the Cowboy Poets of Idaho members who come here.

WSS Gathering is held at the school and Day-shows are in one of the classrooms and in the Library. There was a good audience for Day-shows also, with plenty to listen to us in both locations. CD sales seemed to be pretty good all day.

The local 4H provided a concession stand and Margaret Wilhelm, the main organizer, had green-room food and drink for all us travelling entertainers.

The night show was very well attended with about 150+ in the audience.

This gathering seems to get very good community support and we allways enjoy attending.

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