Friday, May 22, 2009

The Townsend Gathering is coming together...slowly

It's actually felt a little like spring for the last couple of days...finally. Although we've had some pretty serious wind, it's been fairly warm (other than Wednesday morning..25degrees) all day with the sun shining and water starting to move. The Missouri is running high and off color, just as it should, and all the little creeks and tributaries are running well now.

I'd love to be in Virginia City or West Yellowstone but we are deeply into putting the final touches on our Townsend Cowboy Entertainer Gathering. We've got some great performers lined up and I think this will be one of our best shows.

As usual, though, the real work is getting the program book together. Joann Shindoll and I go to each business in Broadwater County and many around Bozeman and Helena, trying to get sponsors for the show. We usually wind up with around 75 ads in the book which pays most of the bills, including what we give performers, food in the green room, motel costs and all the other expenses that arise from something like this.

I'd love to get someone else to do all this Program Book work but Joann is the artist who makes all the ads and I put the booklet together and I really dont think any one else would do it as well as she does.

Anyway, the Pit roasted pig dinner will be held Saturday evening at 5:00PM again. This has become a very popular part of our event. We aren't doing a dinner for the performers on Friday this year as we didn''t get a very good response for it last year. Everyone will just have to hit the local restaraunts for Friday dinner. We will have menus from our sponsoring food purveyors available in the Green Room.

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