Sunday, March 08, 2009

Modern Country Music...Yuck!

I've been somewhat disenchanted with the modern country music that I hear when I'm forced to listen to top 40 stations but I rarely have much exposure to it because I just don't listen to those stations much. Yesterday, though, I was practicing my pool game in a bar where they have continuous country music playing and a video screen which displays info about the artists. It was horrible.

They all sound the same. They all look the same. It was almost like one four hour song playing! The only time there is a semi-break in the monotony is when they switch from a male to a female singer. So far, you can still tell those apart.

One "Country" band had information about their "influences" U2, Elvis and some other rock bands I didn't really know. Their main influences were rock bands and their "country" music reflects that.

The argument is "That's what the kids want". Why, then is the popularity of Country Music dwindling? Could it be because; if you want to listen to Rock, you'll listen to a rock station?

I'm an old guy, I know. And I try not to sound like my mother who really hated my ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Styx and Creedence. But I can't help it. The modern rock is either Rap or way too hard for me and modern Country doesn't really exist. I listen to the local classic rock station if I listen to music radio.

That brings up another point. It's not hard to find a classic rock station in most areas. Something that plays the 70's and beyond rock. Try to find a country station that isn't top 40!

Oh well, I'm old and grouchy and I guess I plan to stay that way. I'm gonna put on some Jerry Jeff Walker albums (note: albums, not CDs) and relax.

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