Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kalispell weekend

Howdy all!!

Well, John Westbrook and I had a great time opening for the "Members of" the Mission Mountain Wood Band on Friday, the 20th. Let's get some links here and then go on with the story.

The Good Wood Band (some of the M2WB members)
Rob Quist (One of the original members of M2WB)

This was a benefit concert for the Kalispell Police Association. The KPA does a lot of anti-drug education, suicide prevention and other great things for the youth and schools in the Kalispell area. A very nice bunch to work with.

First, I think that if I'd been with Lewis and Clark, they'd have discovered Cleveland. I haven't been to Kalispell in a long time but I knew to go east from Helena, take 141 north at Avon, then 200 then 83. But somehow, I missed the junction at Hwy 83 (There's only a big gas station, Convenience store, rest area and campground there. No wonder I just didn't notice all of that along with the big reflective highway sign that says "Kalispell -->").

Anyway, we wound up going through Missoula and up Hwy 93 through Polson. Apparently, it's springtime. Road Construction season is upon us!

Despite my superior navigational skills, we actually got to Kalispell with plenty of time to spare and got over to the Fairgrounds for a sound check. Rob Quist's sound guy, Walt Peckham, ran the hardware and was very good. We were extremely impressed with the job Walt did for both groups.

One of the Kalispell PD detectives MC'd for us and after his introduction, as we were getting ourselves together on stage, John said to the crowd: "It's good to see a policeman nervous, isn't it?" They loved it and he got a big laugh. Our show went very well. We had the audience laughing, crying and singing along throughout our hour plus of time. I finished by doing Wayne Nelson's "Snowville" poem and when the MC came up to get rid of us, the audience didn't want us to get down. We got a standing O as we walked off stage. All in all a very great time.

The Out of the Blue-Grass (Mission Mountain WB) band did their usual fantastic job. I love to listen to these guys. With Rob's original songs and the bluegrass instrumentals and all the stuff they do they are a very entertaining group. I hope we get a chance to see them again.

I managed to find the right route back home so we cut about an hour off the trip on our return.

For you pool players out there, I went to a bar in Kalispell where they had one pool table. The nap was so thick that I thought they might have covered it in shag carpet. The cuestick tips were terrible and they were using that cheap Chinese chalk. You know the stuff. Anyway, if you made anything other than a centerball hit you got a miscue. The kids in there to hear the band were terrible pool players but they were willing to play for $5 a game all night. Pity I had such a short time to enjoy their company! Oh well, gas money, anyway.

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