Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm done with the tournament part

I got knocked out of the tournament before I could get into the money. What a shock!

I've got some philosophical comments here, comparing the pool world to our entertainment world.

At least an exceptional pool player can count on his talent to take him wherever he wants to go. If it's to be a top professional tournament player, the only obstacle is talent. The same if he wants to be the top gambler.

Musicians, however, have to be in the right place at the right time and be seen/heard by the right person. A great guitar player, songwriter, singer, poet...whatever, may never get anywhere in that field if they don't get lucky.

Another comparison for you. It's not uncommon for John Westbrook or myself to show up at a music show with enough cash in our pockets to give change for the first couple of CD sales. But, we usually do well enough on CD sales, tips and so on that we go home with cash in our pockets.

Pool players probably show up at a major tournament with hundreds; even thousands of dollars in their pockets and wind up borrowing gas money to get to the next tournament! A couple of bad rolls during a big money game can break them in no time.

These tournaments are very much like rodeo in that way. Great talent eventually shows through but there's always a chance of a bad roll or a little bad luck and...BANG...they're gone!

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