Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chattanooga, TN

Well, I'm here. It was an interesting drive and we'll see how things go. Normally, I do a concert or show and then sell CDs afterwards. This time, I'm going to have a vendor booth and do one song several times over the weekend. The attention here, of course, is the Pool tournament.

Those of you who are familiar with the pool world will be impressed that I've already met Alex Pagulayan, Cliff Joyner and Shannon Daulton. Also to be here will be Buddy Hall, Johnny Archer and many others of that caliber. It's like doing a concert with Merle or Willie!

I doubt that I'll get to play against any of these guys as they only play for real money and I've never SEEN real money!

I guess the pool hall will be putting my CD on their jukebox today and I will have information and probably a video on sometime today or tomorrow. Inside Pool magazine should also be doing an interview with me. I knew the song was pretty good, but I never expected all this.

Tennessee is pretty, in it's way and I enjoyed the trip out here. I'm very glad that I drove out instead of flying, even though the trip back already looms large in my mind.

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Bodie said...

Here's wishing you a safe trip wish I was there with yo. I haven't picked up a stick since the last time you were here.