Friday, October 20, 2006

Cowboy Music and Poetry: Growing and building!

The art of Western Entertainment is alive and well all over the world. More and bigger audiences crowd into little theaters, school auditoriums and even Carbegie Hall just to see and hear Western (NOT Country!) Music and Cowboy Poetry performed by some of the most talented artists in the country. Check out websites like and to find a wealth of information about what we do and why we do it. Listen to "Around the Campfire" at for some great Western music.

How many out there have songs or poems they'd like to share? Who has been to a Cowboy Poetry or Western entertainer Gathering or show? Who are your favorite Western entertainers; past and/or present?

An example of a Western Music artist of the past...Marty Robbins. Today? Older Chris Ledoux stuff, Michael Martin Murphy, Ian Tyson. These are names you might know. How about naming some of todays best?


NMWriterofWords - Kat L. said...

Hi Larry, good idea about the Blogging, I do it a lot on my MySpace account. Contrary to popular belief MySpace is not a bad place unless you use it that way! I didn't see a link to start a new thread or new blog on the same page though. Will this be a "comment only" type where you can post the info you want? This is a great idea for entainers,, you sit down for 5 minutes, write a paragraph about what they are doing, where and when and insert a link to their own home page and they reach so many more people!! Congrats on the brain storm

Ken Wellard said...

Well, O.K. I don't even know what blogging really is? I happened on this site purely by accident. But will try to respond to your comments concerning good western entertainners. Yes, the ones you named are good - Marty Robbins, Chris Ledoux,Michael Martin Murphy, etc. However, most folks I know do not want to spend $30 to $50 per ticket to see someone the likes of Michael Martin Murphy perform for an hour when there are less well known performers out there just as good - maybe even better- who provide a wider varity, more interesting material and better acts than the big names. Such current performers are: Larry Gibson, John Westbrook, Bill Childes, Mike Burns, Wayne Nelson and many more. It seems to me the cowboy poets and musicians organizations, such as CPI, are brimming with talent. Yet, the opportunities for exposure on main events, such as Elko, seem to be limited to the Michael Martin Murphys of the world. Why can't the State organizations Such as CPI, petition for a spot at the main events, such as Elko, and sponsor their own performers? It could be a kind of contest, for example, between Idaho, Utah and other state organizations and to be recognized and written up in national newsletters. Are there national newsletters? At any rate,you can see my drift. There are just as good out there as the one's you mentioned. Just need greater exposure. It might be easier to get the exposure and reconition if sponsored by a group rather than going it alone.