Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Big Day in Montana

Howdy all:

Well, it's nice and cool today; about 40 degrees right now. No snow here in the Townsend valley yet but there's already some in the mountains around us. I'm sure hoping for a good old-fashioned Montana winter again this year. The colder it gets and the more snow we see, the more likely many of our "Californicator" residents will decide that Arizona might be a better idea!

I had a chance to talk with Montana Senator Conrad Burns ( )at a meeting Wednesday. He makes lots of sense to me and is obviously not only a real Montanan but a (ex)Marine. I enjoyed hearing his views and I even gave his wife one of my Big Sky Dreams CDs. Hopefully, someone in the group listens to it!

I got an e-mail from Charles Engel from Bend, OR. He's got a radio show on the local Public Radio ( )where he focuses on Western Music and he asked for some CDs. I'm sending out mine and I encourage you to contact him.

Some of the links at are links to radio stations that play our stuff. KRLC in Lewiston, ID and KRRM in Grants Pass, OR are two who play mine quite often. is the page we have set up for the KRLC DJ; Toe Tappin Tommy Tucker.

A friend of mine found a guitar in the dump. since it looked nice (no strings on it) he brought it to me to see if it was useful. With $36 of repairs, it is now quite a nice little guitar. It's a Lyle, so it isn't a BIG find, but it is a nice sounding and playing little guitar and I guess my point is; if you feel the need to throw away your guitar, call me first please!

Anyway, everyone have fun out there and let me know if you're reading this. Leave some comments. TALK to us!!


Sherry said...

Hi Larry,
I'm reading this, just to let you know!
Thanks so much for sending me your funniest story to post on
If I could write poetry I'd send you one however I can't. lol
Have a great day and keep posting, maybe a pic of those beautiful snow capped mountains in Montana, that would be nice to share with your readers.

Granny J said...

Stop wishing for snow to send the Californicators to Arizona!!!! We have enough, already!!!