Friday, November 05, 2010

Home again for a day

It's been a fun week in Hunting Camp. I was only cooking for four this week so it was a lot easier than the first week. Also, shooting time is later so I get to sleep in until 0500hrs each day now! Of course, Daylight saving time will screw that up this weekend.

Tuesday morning, I had gotten everyone fed and out of my tent and had gone back to sleep for a while. They had all left. I awoke to grunts, squeels, thumps and clatters outside my tent. When I went outside, I found that a small herd of elk had come within 20' of my tent before they realized their mistake, then with a hearty "Oh Shit!!" (in elk, of course, but I understood the sentiment) they took off for the timber. In this picture, the elk tracks are circled and you can see my tent in the background.
I'm home for a day. Getting laundry done and cleaning up a little before I head back into the mountains. I'll probably be gone two weeks this time unless this new batch of hunters fills out their tags quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Larry
I was also told to get a hold of Charly Ray
I am a song writer/singerm
My songs are on reverbnation
I got a email from Miss Billy Joe
that she likrd my songs and Billy Ray was at her radio station and heard my songs
She said to use her name and contacted him i havan't yet

I am also a poet
i wote this poem and then made it into a song
Being Irish and French Cree from BC Canada wrote this from my heart

Sechelt By The Seashore

We live in a small country town
Sunshine coast we are bound
Mountains so high, Ocean so wide
Air fresh and clean, Forests of green
Wild animal's come say hi
With there family's as they pass by
Birds all sing out loud
Makes you feel real and proud
In Sechelt by the seashore
We have it all, And so much more
We're all happy our town we adore
In Sechelt by the seashore
Land between two waters
Our roots within these grounds
Thanks to our Creator
For all this beauty around
Totems stand tall, with messages at bay
Waiting for return of old ways
Eagles glide threw blue skies
Calling paddlers as days go by
Native spirits whisper to me
We're all one its men’t to be
Paddling together in full harmony
Pulling together is our destiny
In Sechelt by the seashore
We have it all And so much more
We're all happy our town we adore
In Sechelt by the seashore
By Colleen Mooney