Sunday, May 23, 2010

Charlie Ray Music

Does anyone know this man?

Quite a while ago, I remember sending a CD to Graceland Entertainment in Nashville. Last January, I got a postcard from Graceland Entertainment with the story that they had been playing my CD in their office when Charlie Ray (pictured) came by, heard one of my songs and made favorable comments.

The postcard went on to say that he is a very succesfull "song plugger" and that I should contact him, giving his phone number and website:

I have spoken with him and he seems reasonable. He claims to have placed several songs with major artists over the last few years. He provides a pretty decent resume as being able to find the right doors to knock on and knowing who to talk to behind those doors.

Charley wants to plug several of my songs this summer for a fee.

I've spoken with a few people with good connections in the music world and no one seems to know this guy. On one hand, there is no real info about him while on the other hand; that also means there is no BAD info about him. I would think that if he was scamming people, there'd be a lot of info about that.

I also know of at least two other Western Music people who have gotten similar postcards but have not followed up on them.

Anyway, if he's known, good or bad, to anyone, please let me know. If he's for real, he might be in a position to help us all. If he's not for real, or has caused problems or scammed money from people I need to know it.



Carolyn said...

I just received the same type of postcard and am curiously searching him out too.

Promoters all come with a fee, I just want to make sure I put my money with the right one.

All the best

Andy Burr said...

Hey Larry,
Would you post a follow-up? what have you found out?
best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I received the same things and none of the people i know, no him either. I'm the same as you all. Avoid scams. Don't sign shit

Anonymous said...

I got the same thing here, Its a scam.I know alot of people in the music industery, and no one has herd of this guy!

Charlie Ray said...

Has anybody here actually done business with Charlie Ray? Has anybody here ever acheived significant success in music? If not, what are these opinions based on?

There are a ton of testimonials on If you search for Charlie Ray Article you'll find several essays on various "Expert" sites. If you read the essays posted on the web site, they explain aspects of this industry better than anything else I know of.