Monday, November 03, 2008

Go Sarah-Cuda!

I know this blog wasn't designed as a political forum but I get to put in my thoughts anyway.

PLEASE go vote. You are probably very aware of the fact that I don't want to see our country go Socialist and racist and I most certainly don't want to see the destruction to our economy, freedoms and rights that an Obama Presidency will likely bode.

On the other hand, I was never a big McCain fan and figured this was a "hold your nose and vote" election all along. Voting against Obama instead of for McCain. Then, enter Sarah Palin.

Wow! A regular person in line to be one of our national leaders? Not an Ivy League elitist attorney who knows the best restaurant in London but instead knows how to fix Hamburger Helper? Then the media assault on her. Anybody that the Main Stream Media hates so much MUST be exactly who I am looking for.

Think about this. We know all about Sarah's life, family, finances, hairstylist and anything else you can imagine. She's been hunted and haunted since McCain announced her as his VP choice.

Who paid for Obama's Harvard education? Who is financing his campaign? What is the real truth about his relationship with Ayers/Rezko/Wright and Raines? Why has the Media ignored all these things? Could they be shoving him down our throats for their own reasons? I resent that.

My vote for McCain was for three major reasons...I don't want to live in a Socialist, possibly totalitarian country so it was a vote against Obama. Second, I would like to see Sarah in the public eye for the next four years. If she's as impressive by then as I believe she would be, she'll be around for another 8. Third, I want to see the lying Main Stream Media take one in the shorts!

Oh well; enough. Please, just go vote. A vote for any other candidate than McCain or Obama is a vote for Obama. NOT voting is a vote for Obama.

Go Sarah-Cuda!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I guess some people really will ignore a person's intelligence and qualifications as long as they relate to them. This pathetic "she's white trash like me, and she gives me a boner" mentality is fucking ridiculous. People like Miss White Trash America have no place in politics. Leave it to the people that actually know what a continent is.

Larry Gibson said...

I broke my own rule about not approving Anonymous comments for a simple reason here. This person has so eloquently made my point for me.

Obviously, the education and intelligence of this commenter is fairly substandard but the sentiment is so "right on". Since Sarah didn't go to the right schools nor did she grow up in a rich family but instead had to work for a living, as does her husband...she is "White Trash". As are most of us here in America, I'm afraid. Even those with college educations are rarely educated in Ivy League schools and only the Ivy League eliteist attorneys can run our conutry.

I'm sorry, Mr. Anonymous but The intelligence, education and overall personality of Sarah Palin and most of us who still want to see her in charge is far above that exibited by your comments. Thank you for being a shining example of ignorance and prejudice.