Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild West Fest: East Helena, Montana

Well, the Montana Wild West Fest was held over the last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I ran sound for the main entertainers stage as well as performing several times. There was a Cavalry encampment, numerous shootouts, vendors and displays.

For me, the highlight of the show was Jim Jones; an excellent Western Music performer from New Mexico. I had a great time talking with him and we got our guitars out and jammed a couple of times. If you get a chance to see him perform, I heartily reccommend it!

I encountered one frustrating episode at the WWF. As I have mentioned, I was doing sound for the main stage. The AM String Band from Helena was playing for the Frontier Ball on Saturday, August 10th. When I went to the stage area to meet with them and get them set up, I found that they had already torn down my equipment so they could set up their own! My cables were in a snarled pile by the sound table, speakers disconnected and moved, microphones and stands moved and the cavles tangled...It was quite the mess. At first, you can imagine the responses I was thinking of. But, on the bright side, if they didn't need me for sound, I could go home and go to bed. I got my stuff more out of their way and then did exactly that. It only took me a half hour or so to get things reset the next day. My only real comment was and is that my daughter, at 3 years old, understood the concept of "If it's not yours; don't mess with it!"

I'm back in Virginia City, MT for the week, then Parade Rest Ranch again Friday; Virginia City Cafe Saturday and Sunday and then Parade Rest again Monday. That's my basic schedule for the next few weeks. It's been a GREAT summer!

See y'all later.


Anonymous said...


My name is Monica Ray and I'm the president of the Mineral County Performing Arts Council in Superior, Montana. We are planning to put together a Cowboy Poetry & Music Event on July 18, 2009. This will be our very first event. Do you have any suggestions for us? What are your rates and would this be of interest to you? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Monica Ray
Mineral County Performing Arts Council

RG said...

Checking out cowboy blogs online. Looks like you are having a lot of fun out there.

Drop in at the W bar E sometime, otherwise known online as Gringo Ranch.