Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lee Earl Memorial Gathering; 2008

Well, the 4th Annual Lee Earl Memorial Scholarship Gathering (I did it all in one breath!) has come to a close. The Lee Earl Gathering is the first real gathering of the year and also always one of the best. John Westbrook and I have been going to the Lewiston Gathering for at least six years now; maybe more, even before it was the "Lee Earl" Gathering and we've kept going back every year, first, because of the people setting it up and second, because it's always such a fun show. John ran sound for the show again this year and I ran gofer for him when I wasn't either working the CD table or working the pool tables in the back room.

Smoke Wade and Donna Earl produce this show and they do a wonderful job. I know how hard it is to set up one of these gatherings and their results are impressive.

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