Friday, February 15, 2008

Thermopolis, Wyoming

Howdy All:

As I rolled into Wyoming, I got on the phone with Billy Rose and he told me that he and Colt Angel were snowed in and unable to come to Wyoming and do some shows scheduled by Jamie Parker-Frank.

I called Jamie and she had already either cancelled shows or found someone to handle them but there was still some opportunity for me if I came I did.

I had a great time in Thermopolis, mostly because of the incredible hospitality I enjoyed from Jamie and her husband, Steve. They housed me, fed me and found me places to play music. I played two different days at the Prospector Italian diner in Thermopolis and Chris at the Prospector is just simply one of the best chefs I have had the opportunity to enjoy! If I lived in Thermopolis, I'd be even bigger than I am...but happy.

I also had a chance to play at the Cabin Fever Concert that Jamie and her friend Charles organize. There were some great performers there but the high point for me was that Hub Whitt was there. I haven't seen Hub in a long time and it was great to run into him again. He's a great songwriter and I have recorded two of his songs in the past.

Jamie then arranged for me to do my Cash on the Light song on the Comfort Food Radio show in Cody, Wyoming. That was a lot of fun and if you are in the Cody area on a sunday morning, the Comfort Food show is at the Irma Hotel and you should really take the time to go check it out.

I'm home now; back into my regular routine and things are settling down a little. But, I'm getting the old performance schedule filled out for my summer and it already looks like a good year. See ya out there!

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