Saturday, October 06, 2007

Big Sky, Montana; October, 2007

John Westbrook and I had a great time doing our little show last night for some retreating executives and their wives at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge near Big Sky, Montana. Most of the audience is from North Carolina and points south so the two inches of snow and the steady snowstorm outside were kind of a shock for them. The first weekend in October and we're having a great storm here. Welcome to Montana!

There's about six inches of snow on the ground now and it's snowing hard. I talked with Becky Nelson from the American Falls, Idaho area and she says they have a couple of inches down there, but none in Townsend. I guess we don't get snow up there any more!

Wayne Nelson and I will be doing a little show for the same audience at the same place tonight. Should be just as good a time as we had yesterday.

Last night, I had a $10 hamburger at the Corral Bar. It was good, but not THAT good! Anyway, this morning I wanted some coffee. Here at this luxury resort, I had to climb into the old rusty pickup and head to Big Sky to find a breakfast. I asked at the gas station if there was a regular old fashioned cafe somewhere around Big Sky. You know, someplace with buiscuits and gravy and hot coffee? Not a chance. The closest thing was the "Bugaboo Cafe". They had good food and their prices were at least within shouting distance of reasonable. I even had a plate of ham and eggs, like a normal person. I skipped the blue crab and the florentine omelettes as just not in my regular breakfast list.

Anyway, that's my current report from "On the Road".

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