Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Willie's Place Programming Change

I received the following message; forwarded by Bobby Newton of the Academy of Western Artists.

"My understanding is the on Monday, Willie's Place (XM Channel 13) has changed their programming from an emphasis on the Texas Honky Tonk type of music to a more top forty type of hits programming.

They have just about completely quit playing any artists like Justin Trevino, Bobby Flores, Tony Booth, Jody Nix, Jake Hooker, Heather Myles, Joe Paul Nichols, Mike Siler, Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Amber Digby, Leona Williams, Little Joe Carson, Curtis Potter, Johnny Seay or others in that category.

They are focussing on the more "legends" in the business. Now, I appreciate the legends as much or more than anybody and I think that any person that knows me will attest to that. Who else signs artists to record in their 80's?

It is amazing to me that the music and artists that made Willie's Place (and Hank's Place) the most listened to music channel on XM are now all but banned on the channel.

If you are a subscriber, I would urge you to email williesplace@xmradio.com and let your voice be heard.

I don't know much, but I do know that a service that is being paid for by subscribers should listen to subscribers.

If you don't want to hear Justin, Amber, Darrell, Curtis or those other guys on Willie's Place, please do not do anything and we can hear another Elvis or Margaret Whiting song on the channel that is supposed to be a Texas Honky Tonk.

> > Tracy Pitcox
www.heartoftexascountry.com "


Anonymous said...

I trust Willie's musical judgment!!! Who has MORE experiance???

Anonymous said...

Seems they are still playing the good stuff. Heather Myles as we speak

George said...

It seems like Willie's place has started playing some songs that are almost rock an roll. I'm not happy with change. Bring back Eddie Kilroy.

cynthia said...

I listen to Willie's Place because I do not care for the current country music as I do the older country. Maybe the truckers are getting younger and they like rock n roll with a fiddle. Personally I'd like an hour or two of archives that you hardly hear any more. Carson Robison, etc....

Anonymous said...

I Think They Still Play Good
Music,But WAY To Much Talking

Anonymous said...

More Western Swing, not less!